Social Franchising:


Scaling proven social impact solutions

Having grown countless SMEs in South East Asia through franchising, Astreem is now seeking to champion Social Enterprises in our region. We seek to work with enterprises with promising social impact solutions that can be scaled through Social Franchising – we seek ideas that have positive impact on real community social needs. Using our expertise in franchise acceleration, we partner with social enterprises to achieve the change they dream of.

More and more individuals are standing up to make a positive impact in our society. One small voice can become a roar when many come together. At Astreem, we believe that franchising can become a vehicle that social enterprises can use to create exponential social impact through a network of like minded franchisees. Using franchise as a platform can bring the exponential impact that these social organisations aspire to achieve and gather greater scale and momentum to achieve significant transformational change.

Do you have a business that impacts social change? Find out if your social enterprise is Franchise-able.