Develop a Franchise System that Helps your Brand Grow

At Astreem, we believe that Franchising can be applied to almost any successful business or service. Coupled with our experienced franchise consultants and proprietary methods, our clients across multiple sectors have experienced growth beyond their current markets. We have assisted businesses over a wide range of industries to setup Franchise systems and business processes to adapt to the changing market conditions. Our franchise consultants develop business models that are fine tuned to assist our clients on the best path so you can concentrate on running your business. Our services cover the entire Franchise Development process overseen by a team of industry specialists and experts:

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Systems Design
  • Training Development



SOP Documentation for Sustainability and Continuity

Having a functional updated Standard Operations Manual is key to a business’s ongoing sustainability, business continuity and ability to exploit its Intellectual property from a business perspective.

The business can be viewed and documented from various stakeholder views, from key management, operation managers to outlet managers and key personnel who need to use it on a day to day basis to perform everyday operational tasks.

Business can choose to cover all facets of its operations or choose to have the flexibility of modular SOP documentation so as to keep the projects manageable and target oriented.



Marketing Your Franchise Through Franchise Fit ™ (Locally & Internationally)

After assessing a franchise model is viable using Astreem’s Franchise Fit Access, Astreem builds your business further by building a Franchise marketing plan customized to reach targeted franchise partners. Astreem’s key role is to identify investors that are a good fit, take them through the franchise discovery process, manage expectations and facilitate the franchise agreement signing.

This service is available locally, within Singapore, and internationally through our International Franchise Fit programme. We undertake the process through a number of effective routes that include:

We invest significantly in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to give Franchisors a strong online presence through the Astreem website, a popular reference platform for franchisees looking to invest.

Astreem hosts Business Opportunity Showcases every quarter to introduce new brands into the market. Tapping on our database of contacts, brand owners can be assured that brands featured in these showcases reach their targeted audiences.

Astreem hosts Discovery Days for our clients to introduce potential franchisees to the business. These events serve as an invaluable networking opportunity and give a detailed introduction to the franchise opportunity to ensure an ideal partnership.

All of our Franchisor clients are featured at the Astreem Franchise Matching Hub present at all FLA events. For more information on these, please visit the events section of our website.

Through our extensive network and connections, we are regularly approached by interested franchisees and we will assess the best possible fit within our franchisor portfolio and facilitate the introductions.

Our professional team offer marketing and corporate collateral design and creation, including but not limited to Brochures, Videos and Websites, to help our clients increase their presence both offline and online.



Effective Branding is at the Core of Every Business’ Success

A well-delivered brand brings in a collaboration of cohesive messages, collaterals, and images. Here at Astreem, we aim to make our client’s brands stand out from a crowded market. Whether a client needs to invigorate an existing brand or develop a brand strategy and image from scratch, our team of branding experts offers first class branding solutions. We work closely with our clients to identify objectives and once we have a full understanding of requirements, the branding process begins. The core elements of Astreem’s branding service are:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Audit Report
  • Strategy Development
  • Brand Visualization

Once the brand is clearly defined and implemented, we offer a fully integrated marketing strategy development service to expose the business to consumers and leverage on the brand’s value.



Perfect ERP Solution for Business Owners

Astreem offers a Business Excellence Automated software (BEAM) that merges technology with the key pillars of franchising. It is the perfect ERP (Enterprise Planning) solution for business owners who are looking for flexibility and technology customization to help manage businesses better. You can stay on top of your business by getting real time information from your franchisees, customers, vendors and staff.

Fully Customized Business Intelligent Dashboard with capability to extract information from multiple sources, so that you get a snapshot view of important metrics

Manage Leads of your locations as well as franchisee locations. Get full visibility of the lead process and set reminders to stay on top of your leads.

Conduct effective Training and save training costs by posting videos, documents and materials on Beam. With assessment functionality inbuilt in Training Module, measure performance of staff and franchisees.

Measure popularity of your marketing campaigns by staying in touch with social media activities. Measure Facebook likes, tweets and other social media by location thus measuring marketing capability of location.

Connect with your POS machine or Accounting Software to track sales across locations. Also measure the payments made by franchisees towards royalty, marketing and other fees.

With a filing cabinet, share marketing collaterals like brochures, posters, flyers with franchisees to have a consistent marketing message across all locations.

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