Making Inspired Franchise Choices!


For us at Astreem, there is no greater satisfaction when we see the right franchisee and the right franchisor coming together. Our company’s key role is to distinguish potential franchisees who are a good fit, take them through the franchise discovery process, manage expectations and facilitate the franchise agreement signing.

It is heartwarming when we see people making inspired choices in their lives. We are happy to share the story of the newest The City franchisee.

Mr. Wee[real name undisclosed] used to be a top management executive from the Perfume & Fragrance industry. He has lived in 3 continents and has travelled extensively around the world. Having seen almost all there is, he came to us with the hope of finding something significant that he could do for the rest of his life. He was looking for a business match where he could realize his long term objective of wanting to shape young minds for a brighter future.

Typically, we arrange 1 on 1 interviews and we host Discovery Days for our clientele to introduce potential franchisees to the business. In the process, Mr. Wee, was attracted towards the The City. Upon further dialogue, he found that the The City’s brand owners and he were seeing eye to eye in terms of their goals and business ideals. That’s when he had the ‘ah-ha’ moment and he knew realised that this is what he had been looking for a long time and he bid farewell to his corporate world.

He has taken the leap of faith into the franchising world and we are glad to be a part of his journey. We wish Mr.Wee the very best.

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