Frequently Asked Questions

For Franchisee

Are you looking to start your own franchise? Let Astreem guide you through your franchise discovery journey, and help you make an educated decision with your business investment choices!

a. Save Time, Save Money and Avoid Common Mistakes.

Thousands of new franchises are being sold every year because of the proven success stories of franchising. If you are planning to get a step ahead on your plans, then check these franchising advantages. The ever-present risk of business failure is reduced when the business program has a proven track record in the marketplace; the use of an established trademark; savings on marketing efforts and the advantages of group advertising and purchasing make operations more profitable.

b. Trial and error can also be avoided by taking advantage of the operational expertise and training that is offered through a ready franchise:

  • Reduction of risk
  • Turnkey operation
  • Operations manual provided
  • Standardized financial and accounting systems
  • Supervision and consulting readily available
  • Joint advertising programs
  • Uniform packaging
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Site selection guidance
  • Sales and marketing assistance

For Franchisor

Astreem offers a diverse range of services to help your brand grow through a franchising model, by assisting with the set up of necessary franchise systems and business processes.

Nearly any type of business can be franchised with the right business tools and strengths. Franchising is a wonderful growth opportunity for businesses that have already set up their business models and are enjoying profitability.

More so, businesses that have unique concepts and innovative market approaches are highly viable for market acceptance in franchising. Though unique in proposition, businesses that are easily adaptable through standardization models are attractive for franchisees looking for simple operations.

Franchising is a favorable avenue for business endeavors because of the actual market studies made for its favorable outcome. The actual time taken to prepare different businesses for franchise, vary according to scope. After determining the franchisability of your business, a road map is crafted for your business’s success. After that, the consultant will dedicate another block of time to document and prepare the entire franchise system. A time frame between 4 to 6 months is observed, depending on the development of the business processes.

Franchising is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your business. At Astreem, preparing your business for franchise is just the beginning of your company’s growth. Astreem understands that growth begets success. We prepare very comprehensive franchise packages offered at very affordable prices. On top of that, we have franchise projects for companies who wish to get on the fast track quickly and packages that help franchise businesses in phases.


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