Brand-Able – A Knowledge Rich Event

With over a decade’s presence in the industry, Astreem proudly shoulders the responsibility to help build globally strong & sound Singapore brands that are synonymous to Singapore’s growing economy. With that very intent, Brand-ABLE, a knowledge rich event aimed at imparting the best practices and know-hows of branding to Singapore brands was organized by Astreem in association with Express In Music and sponsored by Imperium Brand Consultancy.

At the event, Astreem along with Singapore Franchise Training School(SFTS), previewed the Franchise Quality Mark(FQM) program for franchises that looking at marking themselves as the brand that has the know-hows of what it takes to run an excellent franchise organization based on international standards of franchising.


Mr. Jerry Chen -Managing Director of Express In Music, Mr. Nav Qirti, Principal and Managing Partner of Ideactio Consulting and Mr. Cheah Chay Tiong , Managing Director, Imperium Brand Consultancy preceded event as key note speakers and as discussion panelists.

Excerpts from the session:
“For a franchise brand to be successful, its brand message has to be well embodied and consistent to the public. The consistency must be cultivated in visual and sensory branding.” – Mr. Jerry Chen on branding in relation with franchising.

“When you are trying to sell your brand, franchisees need to know what you are selling. Visual branding is a strategic tool with which you can deliver your brand message effectively.” – Mr. Nav Qirti on visual branding.

“As a multi-brand company, it is best if your company isolates market sections for each of your brands and develops specific branding strategies them. That way, you would be able to reach better to your target sections for each of your brands.” – Mr. Cheah Chay Tiong on branding strategies for a multi-brand company.


This knowledge rich event that concluded on the 16th August, 2015 was well received by entrepreneurs and business management executives alike.

“I gained a lot of useful insights into how branding can help with the retention of customers for a lifetime in this event.” said Mr. Luke Chong, Founder of Totally Hot Stuff, who had attended the event. Mr. Kern Lim of Minor Food Group Singapore chipped in saying, “I really liked the way the complex concepts of branding were explained in a way that everyone could understand. I was looking for proper methodologies for improving the existing brand image and I got what came for.”

Ms. Hsien Naidu, Founder of Astreem, in the end, said, “We are very happy and thankful that the panellists and the franchisors took the time off from their busy schedules to attend the Brand-ABLE session. We continually find ways to help franchises to grow and become better at running them on a long term basis. The FQM is designed to help franchises to improve their efficiency, profitability and sustainability. We encourage all franchises to participate in it.”

Also watch out this space for all our future sessions of the Franchise-ABLE network series.

Here are some photos from the event:









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