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We believe the key to successful and sustainable franchising is doing the right thing with the right people all the time with the long view in mind. We focus on long-term results when building the brands under our care – this is our enduring competitive advantage.

Astreem's Promise
Astreem’s Promise

#accelerate with Damien Koh of Joe & Dough
#accelerate with Damien Koh of Joe & Dough

Franchise Spotlight: Joe & Dough
Franchise Spotlight: Joe & Dough

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Astreem offers a diverse range of services to help your brand grow through a franchising model, by assisting with the set up of necessary franchise systems and business processes.

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Astreem Consulting - Franchise Fat Boys Burger Bar
Astreem Consulting - Franchise Pazzion
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Astreem Consulting - Franchise Pet Lovers Centre
Astreem Consulting - Franchise FastSigns
Mulberry Learning Centre Franchise | Astreem Consulting
Fresh+ Franchise | Astreem Consulting
Manhatten Fish Market Franchise | Astreem Consulting
JustCuts Franchise | Astreem Consulting
Pezzo Franchise | Astreem Consulting
The Paper Stone Franchise | Astreem Consulting
Sheffield KidsWorld Franchise | Astreem Consulting

“Just wanted to drop a note to express appreciation, from Pezzo Franchise, for Astreem’s professionalism in supporting Pezzo’s efforts to franchise regionally. In particular, the work put in so far to enable us access to countries of the Middle East gives us confidence of success. This project opens up a whole new dimension to Pezzo’s global franchising endeavors. Thank you for a comprehensive and well articulated approach. “

” I no longer see Hsien as a franchise consultant, but as a close business confidante. She has taken extra effort to understand the dynamics of my business, and more importantly, my mentality and preparedness. This has enabled her to work out expansion strategies that resonate with me, and should give my business the best chance to grow exponentially.

Her closely-knit team are completely on-board with her views, and they too approach all engagements with me with a lot of vim and vigour. It does help that they are very well connected within the region, thus arming them with the knowhow to confidently address any issues or queries I may have.

To sum up my view of Hsien, both as a human and an associate. Don’t expect her to say the things you want to hear. Rather, bet your house on her expressing the things that you really need to hear.”



Omar Marks


“Astreem Consulting is a young yet experienced and dynamic group of personnel within their company setup, proven solution with their client list; system scalability; fast and reasonably priced customization for the level of detailing we require for our workflows; for fast and lower cost customization; experienced and responsive development team.”

“Within 6 months of working with Astreem, we have secured 2 local franchises and we are currently looking to expanding overas to nearby countries in the region. They helped to develop our franchise business structure and build value into our business with professionally structured franchise offerings and documentations.”

Damieh Koh

“Astreem is 100% client-oriented! As a result of their competence, the franchising process was a smooth and effective one.”

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Serene Ang

“Astreem Consulting has a track record of being in the business for the long-term with their clients; and is a stable company; passed rigorous due diligence checks by clients; strong support from its CEO; and a commitment to complete project within short time frame.

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David Tan

“Astreem has been our partner since 2009 and has really helped us align our franchise systems. We were the proud recipients of the Franchisor or the Year as well as the International Franchisor of the Year Award representing Singapore in 2009. Even though we are now in 14 countries, our Franchise systems are still relevant. In fact, it won us the Franchisor of the year award awarded by Malaysian Franchise Association in 2015.”

“We chose Astreem to develop our Franchise Systems because of the team’s in depth knowledge of Franchise and the education sector. The Astreem team has always gone the extra mile in guiding us through the process of structuring our Franchise Systems. Hsien and her team was very proactive throughout the project to fully grasp the business intricacies of GATE. We have gained a whole new perspective and we are excited to work with Astreem to franchise GATE regionally.”

“Astreem Consulting has proven its credibility of their tagline: “Your Partner in Achieving Results”. With astounding results of Seriously Addictive Mathematics brand now spanning across various countries in Asia such as Thailand, India, Malaysia & Singapore. Astreem has indeed built value in the franchise system.”

Samuel Chia

“Absolute excellence in professionalism, marketing and drive! Strong franchise expertise and network. Highly recommended partner for results!”

Donna Lee


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